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Managing an organization’s risk is a prudent and sound business practice.  It is a systematic process to remain operationally efficient and compliant with changing regulations.  All organizations operate in a new competitive environment where robust new product development and regulatory compliance programs are paramount to remain in business and be profitable.

Risk Analytics is the process of quantifying the impact of threats and uncertainty across the organization’s technologies, vendors, processes, people, strategies, and markets.  Risk Analytics provides insights in a top-down and bottom-up perspective so the independent and inter-related threats are measured and communicated in an actionable manner.  A Key Risk Indicator is useless unless a potential response action is planned.  The WolfPAC Risk Analytics capability provides executive level insights and operational analysis so impacts are understood and response plans are developed.

WolfPAC Enterprise Risk Analytics combines risk scores and control effectiveness in a single view for an organization, as shown in the sample below.