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Information Technology Risk Assessment

Information Technology Risk AssessmentYour organization depends on an increasing number of information technology (IT) systems to serve customers, protect assets, and streamline business processes. New technology brings with it both innovative advantages and new security risks, making it a critical aspect of your risk management plan. Keeping up with increased cyber threats and ever-changing regulatory guidance is a drain on your time and resources, and can feel like a full time job in itself.

The WolfPAC Information Technology Risk Assessment is an automated tool that helps give you some of your time back. This solution allows you to quickly identify, quantify, and respond to inherent threats within the technologies you use. Having your IT risk inventory centralized your system’s updates to be documented across all business lines at once, to ensure you are always accessing the most up-to-date information. Our comprehensive dashboard gives you actionable insights you can use to reduce your cyber risk vulnerability profile, and extensive reporting capabilities shorten the prep time needed to present findings to your board and audit committee in a cohesive way. 

The IT Risk Assessment has several supplementary sub-modules that will further strengthen your risk management plan, including the Multifactor Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment Risk Assessment, the Hardware Device Risk Assessment, the Entity Level Technology Operations Risk Assessment, and the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool. Integrating the IT Risk Assessment with other WolfPAC Risk Management Solutions also allows you to leverage the work you’ve done within other areas of your risk management program.

With the Information Technology Risk Assessment you Can:

  • Reduce your IT Risk by identifying and implementing information security controls

  • Simplify your process with full automation, and integration with other WolfPAC Risk Management Solutions

  • Stay secure into the future by establishing a multi-year audit plan of information security controls

  • Get the support you need with consulting and assistance for implementation, an expert guided review, and best practice recommendations

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