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Don't Let Business Continuity Break Your Bank

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Is your Business Continuity Plan as comprehensive as it can be? Is it constrained by the budget that you have to spend? It can be difficult to get the budget and time necessary for a truly robust, risk-based Business Continuity Plan. Fortunately, our Business Continuity expert, Tracy Hall, has created an article that outlines how utilizing automated Business Continuity Planning software can help you and your team create a more efficient program. Here is an excerpt from the article, Making a Business Continuity Plan That Doesn't Break Your Bank:

Minimizes Potential for Error

With manual Business Continuity Plans, documents are collected and organized from across the institution. These documents are likely scattered through many departments and service lines. Coordinating data is a time consuming task, and can lead to costly mistakes if you’ve missed any documents along the way. Automating your BCP centralizes all documents within the software, which helps you keep track of all technologies, processes, and people that need to be accounted for.

Version control is another benefit that comes from automated Business Continuity Plan software. A manual BCP process makes it all too easy for your team to save versions that quickly become duplicated or out of date. If people on your team are using an outdated plan in the middle of a business interruption, you may experience extra hours or days of downtime, and lost revenue and reputation during the outage.


If you'd like to read the entire article, head over to it's page in our resource library.

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