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Don't Miss our Last IT Evolution Webinar!

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Every month since December, we have hosted a webinar focused on giving our clients and prospects a ton of information about the changes happening to our Information Technology module. We have covered the common controls framework that manages how often you have to input a specific control that spans all technologies. We have showed off our contextual questionnaires that cut down the number of questions your team has to answer for each risk assessment, so they only have to fill out what's relevant to that technology. We've also showed you how to map your controls to your threats, to ensure that you identify any gaps you may currently have in your system, to quickly and easily remediate them.

Today, at 2pm EST, we will be hosting our final IT module webinar of the series. Manuel Centeio, Manager at the WolfPAC Solutions Group will be demonstrating how the report writer can give you all the information you need to easily analyze your risk assessment results and present your findings to your board and examiners.

The Evolution of the IT Risk Assessment

As IT products and services are more frequently used within our industry, cyber risks and threats to information have become critical concerns. To respond to this ever changing landscape, we have adjusted the WolfPAC IT40 module to be flexible in its design to adjust to new threats and be responsive to changes in technology. A new Controls architecture design allows you to leverage a library of 900+ controls which are mapped to NIST frameworks.

During this session, we will discuss and demonstrate the following:

  • How to leverage the IT 4.0 Report Writer to obtain a holistic overview of your institution’s IT risk
    • Object level selection and filtering for custom reports
    • Granular level reporting for threats and controls
    • Export to Excel to perform additional customizations
  • Review of IT 4.0 reports that will assist your organization in its risk assessment process:
    • Entity Level Risk Assessment (threat assessment)
    • Technology / Hardware Information
    • Technology / Hardware Risk Assessment
    • Complete Report

If you would like to sign up, you still have time! Head over to our webinar registration page now.

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