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Evolving the IT Risk Assessment

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Last week, Bharat Nair and Manny Centeio hosted a webinar about the new evolution of the WolfPAC IT Risk Assessment module. During the webinar, Manny walked through many of the administrative functions that cover every IT assessment. Part of this demonstration showed you how to utilize the robust common control framework built into the system. This means that the controls implemented across every technology are only input once, and no longer have to be entered for each individual assessment.

Our demo also explained the ways that the contextual questionnaires can help simplify risk assessments from over a hundred questions to as few as three. In addition, the session gave our attendees the opportunity to view the new workflow of the module, designed specifically to make it easy to systematically go through the process of completing your IT risk assessments.

In an effort to give our clients as much information as possible as we start migrating IT module users, we have planned for three more IT module webinars in the upcoming months! Here are the following dates and presenters:

During the next few webinars, we will walk through the new contextual questionnaires, so you can see first-hand how much time you can save with our new, more efficient approach. The new module also has the ability to copy a completed assessment from one technology to another, simplifying your assessments even further! We can’t wait for you to see everything the new IT module has to offer and welcome any questions you may have. These webinars are an opportunity for our users to help shape the areas still being developed by giving feedback about these changes. If you would like us to address your question in the next webinar, feel free to submit it at any time using a contact us form.

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