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Exploring the Risk Universe With Western Independent Bankers!

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The Western Independent Bankers association will be hosting a webinar on September 26th. This webinar, "Exploring Changes in the Risk Universe", is going to focus on both the importance of and the how to involved in creating an Enterprise Risk Management program that will help you and your organization meet their business objectives.

Drew Coveney, CIA, Senior Internal Auditor at Wolf & Company, P.C. will be presenting. Here's a look at what he'll be covering:

Exploring Changes In the Risk Universe

The risk universe of the past is being overtaken by emerging threats at the fastest pace banks have ever witnessed, and the industry is responding with new tools and business practices just as quickly. A risk-aware workforce that effectively identifies and responds early to new threats will attract the most talented employees and most profitable customers. Get a glimpse into the ways the financial industry's mechanisms are changing as discussion delves into the industry's top trends and what banks can expect through 2020 and beyond.


  • Dig deep into the elements of successful Enterprise Risk Management as it aligns with the risk appetite statement
  • Hear leading practices surrounding risk ownership, accountability, controls, measuring, monitoring, and reporting
  • Know the difference between risk appetite and risk tolerance

If you'd like to register for this webinar, head over to the Western Independent Bankers webinar registration page. The cost is $195 for WIB members, $249 for nonmembers, and upon completion, you can receive 1 CPE.

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