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How The WolfPAC Information Technology Risk Assessment is Changing

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Last month at our 2016 User Conference, Bharat Nair spoke about some exciting changes in the works for our Information Technology Risk Assessment solution. Changes like the new contextual questionnaire format will allow you and your team to complete risk assessments for technologies in just a fraction of the time you normally spend. The new threat and control architecture helps you think strategically about activities you may be missing, while streamlining the documentation within the system with common controls. Built with multi-framework and multi-industry support, we have created a module that delivers both efficiency and strategy in a whole new way.

In order to give a more detailed overview and answer more questions you may have about the evolution of our IT risk assessment, we have scheduled a webinar to give a demonstration. The webinar, “The Evolution of the IT Risk Assessment” will be presented by Manuel Centeio, Supervisor and Bharat Nair, Senior Manager, Product & Technology Strategy on December 7th at 2pm ET. You aren’t going to want to miss your opportunity to see how these changes can help your organization, so head over to our event page and register today!

In addition, if you have questions about the module that you would like answered during the webinar, feel free to contact us with you question ahead of time, and we can address them next week!

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