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We're Speaking at the Vizo Financial's Risk Management Conference!

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Wolf & Company, P.C.

On April 18, Vizo financial will be in Hershey, PA hosting a risk management conference focused heavily on cybersecurity, 3rd party, and compliance risk topics that every risk manager can find useful. This 3 day event has 10 speakers that focus on specific compliance requirements and best practices that risk managers can utilize in their organizations.

Tracy Hall, IT Assurance Manager for Wolf & Company will be speaking as one of the leading Business Continuity Planning Experts in the country:

Vendor Management: Enhancing Your Due Diligence and BCP Strategies Specific to Third Party Providers

Many companies are relying more and more on third party vendors for outsourcing critical technologies and services. It has become increasingly important for organizations to investigate the resiliency and availability of critical vendors. This presentation will focus on key areas of vendor due diligence as well as areas of a Business Continuity program that may require enhancement to incorporate service providers. Discussions will include third-party management, testing with critical vendors, and cyber resilience considerations.

Mike Cohn, Director of WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management will also be attending the conference, so if you have questions about 3rd party vendor risk, enterprise risk management, or business continuity planning, our experts will be on-hand to answer them!

For more information about the Vizo Financial 2018 Risk Management Conference, or to register, head over to their event page.

Not going to attend, but still want to learn more about vendor management and business continuity? Here are a few resources in our resource library you might be interested in:

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