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What's New in Our Latest Business Continuity Release?

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Wolf & Company, P.C.

Within our most recent software release, we have made a ton of updates and changes to our Business Continuity Solution. These enhancements have been made through a deliberate updating process, as well as feedback from our clients about what pain points they experience during business continuity plan creation.

In order to fully train our clients on the changes we have put in place, we have scheduled a webinar! Our training webinar will be held on June 14th, 2017, at 2pm, and will be presented by Puja Ghiya, Manager at WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management, and Tracy Hall, MBCP, IT Assurance Manager at Wolf & Company, P.C.

Specifically within the webinar, we're going to focus on a few significant feature changes:

  • MAD/RTO reconciliation
  • The enhanced capability to document team tasks
  • Building and embedding team contact lists
  • How you can print your Business Continuity Plan by sections

To read further about the content covered in this training webinar, or to register, head over to our event page.

Do you have questions about business continuity planning, or want to know more about our solution? We can help! There are resources in our resource library that you might find useful, or you can contact us today to speak with one of our business continuity experts!

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