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WolfPAC Speaking at the California Bank Auditors Roundtable

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On March 8th, a group of internal auditor directors from banks all across California will meet for the Auditors Roundtable, hosted by the California Bankers Association. This group has been meeting for over 30 years, in order to gain valuable insights into the biggest issues they face at their organizations.

This year our own Mike Cohn, Director of WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management, will be speaking to the group. This session will help the group understand how to build their risk governance structure to successfully align with their risk appetite statement:

Aligning ERM Governance With Risk Appetite Statements

Select your asset category and dig deep into the elements of a successful ERM governance structure as it aligns with your risk appetite statement. Hear leading practices surrounding risk ownership, accountabilities, controls, measuring, monitoring, and reporting. In addition, you will walk away from this immersive training knowing the difference between risk appetite and risk tolerance, and how the Third Line of Defense can evaluate your ERM program.

If you won't be at the conference, but would like to learn more about risk appetite statements, download our article Your Risk Appetite Statement, and How it Aligns Your ERM Program With Your Strategic Plan in our resource library!

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