WolfPAC 4.0 is Here!

June 28th, 2017 

2:00pm - 3:30pm EST

WolfPAC 4.0 platform is being developed with the end user in mind. The primary capability of the 4.0 platform is the tighter integration of Threats and Controls and alignment of Controls to the enhanced NIST framework. This change, coupled with our user experience enhancements allow for a more intuitive user interface, ease of maintenance, new report writer capabilities, better interoperability between modules, and a significant increase in the speed of risk assessment.

As our most popular module, the IT 4.0 module will be released on the platform first.

  • Centralized Threat and Controls Inventory
  • Streamlined IT risk assessment process - designed with role based access and security in mind
  • Simplified user interface and user experience (both administrative functions and end user functions)
  • Inline contextual questionnaire speeds up the process of selecting pre-configured questions and answer pairing
  • Response selection determines threat impacts and pre-selects Controls based on impact rating
  • Control assessment determines residual risk rating in real time
  • Dynamic visualization of residual risk and review capabilities with interactive heat maps
  • Tighter integration with Control Remediation Plan module to track control deficiencies and manage resolution
  • Report writer dashboards for visualization

This webinar will be an in-depth training for users migrating their IT module from the previous version of the new platform.

We will give you the information you need to make your migration successful, so you can start benefiting from this new functionality sooner.