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Product Updates: See What’s New with the WolfPAC Platform!

Author: Puja Ghiya, MBA, CSM

The WolfPAC product team is hard at work building the best possible enterprise risk management platform for our customers. We take user feedback seriously, and your input plays a critical role in determining the future direction of our offering. Here’s a look at some of the most significant recent improvements to our platform:

Risk Analysis Benchmarking:

Essential Benchmarking

The new benchmarking feature guides you through the entire risk assessment process. This feature is now available in:

  • Entity-level risk assessments in all modules
  • IT risk assessment and hardware risk assessments
  • TPRM risk assessments

General/Universal Updates:


  • ‘My Assignments’ now allows users to export data. As a result, client administrators can track and monitor the progress of each assignment across various modules for all users.
  • The Export to Excel function on the Manage People screen has been updated to display the last login date for each user.
  • A new report with a system threat library and corresponding mapped controls is now available in multiple modules.

 Third-Party Risk Management:

  • A new archiving function in third-party monitoring and third-party contracts allows users to archive monitoring tasks results from previous years and archive expired contracts.
  • The third-party contracts report now allows users to include or exclude third-parties without contracts; similarly, the third-party monitoring report has been enhanced to include or exclude third parties without monitoring profiles.
  • Questionnaire updates and enhancements within the Third-party Risk management and Information Technology risk management modules have enabled streamlined integration and exchange of information for technology providers between the modules.
  • A new vendor scorecard can now be created and generated for each vendor significant to your institution to track, measure and monitor vendor performance.
  • The Monitoring function has been enhanced with an optional review and archiving workflow, which allows reviewers to accept and/or reject monitoring task results and auto-archive previous monitoring task results respectively.
  • A new Manage Contract Profiles feature is now available that enables users to create profiles with specific contract provisions and apply these profiles to third-parties based on their service types, criticality and risk ratings.

Business Continuity Management & Incident Management:

Business Continuity Management Advisory

  • A Control Resiliency questionnaire is now available to help users assess their business continuity program’s overall preparedness.
  • The Business Continuity Management module is now fully integrated with the Enterprise Risk Management module to display the business continuity risk for various products and services.
  • Users can now upload and print their institution’s logo on their business continuity plan output.
    • Logos can now be uploaded in the system from Manage Plans.
  • Users can now filter the Incident Management dashboard to view active incidents as well as closed incidents.

 Data Security & Privacy:

Data Security & Privacy Management

  • The Custom Complete Report functionality has been enhanced to auto-include all the filter criteria, which users can further modify.

Enterprise Risk Management:

Enterprise Risk Management Advisory

  • The Enterprise risk management module has been enhanced with two new reports.
    • Risk Register Report – This report provides details of all the risks, mitigating controls, and monitoring activities that are in place for your institution.
    • Controls Register Report – This report provides details of all implemented controls and corresponding gaps that may exist for your institution.
  • The KRI and KPI Monitoring report and Trending & Enterprise Risk Management detail reports are updated to auto-include all the filter criteria, which users can further modify.

Wrapping Up:

Our continuous improvements and ongoing enhancements to the platform are reflective of direct feedback shared by our user base and user group board members. These enhancements and improvements are made to make your life easier, your business safer, and more productive.

Has your institution ever requested new features and functionality in WolfPAC? Or do you have questions about the updates referenced above?  If so, please get in touch with us at your convenience!