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To Keep Your Organization Secure

Risk is inherent with third-party vendors. How do you protect your organization and customers from these risks without the resources or expertise in-house?

WolfPAC offers a robust suite of vendor monitoring services driven by our team of experts, who strengthen your vendor monitoring program.

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Vendor Monitoring Services


Information Security Assessments

Conduct information security assessments for potential vendors as part of your due diligence process

SOC Report Review

SOC Report Review

Review and identify control weaknesses and incompatiabilities that appear in the annual SOC report

Annual Financial Statement Review

Annual Financial Statement Review

Examine the annual financial statement to determine trends or events that may prevent the vendor from performing high-quality services

Vendor Contract Assessments

Identify and review IT, cybersecurity, and performance measures through contract assessments

Vendor Site Visits

Vendor Site Visits

Verify the physical security of vendors via site visits, while also meeting key people servicing your organization

FFIEC Report Review

FFIEC Report Review

Check FFIEC technology service provider reports to ensure your vendors are adhering to regulatory expectations

Vendor Business Continuity Review

Ensure a reasonable plan is in place by reviewing and understanding your vendors’ business continuity plans

Vendor Website Security Tests

Vendor Website Security Tests

Test vendor websites non-intrusively to assess the vendor site’s information security and encryption protocols

Subcontractor Reviews

Review key subcontractors that might be storing, processing, or accessing your organization’s confidential data

Document Collection And Storage

Collect and store online documents through our Enterprise Risk Management solution

Practitioner-Perfected IT Risk Management
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