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Detect risks, streamline data and increase review efficiency, identify KRI gaps, and develop remediation plans enterprise wide

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Relying on disorganized or outdated risk management information can leave you unprepared and blindsided as risks escalate. Stay one step ahead of business and market risks with WolfPAC’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution. We provide dashboard views and board reports to help you identify gaps and monitor current and future risks related to all business initiatives, allowing you to proactively determine response strategies, monitor key risk activity, and control negative impacts.

Without a strong ERM plan, your business is open to threats that could cause financial and reputational damage, and inhibit future growth and success. Our solution centralizes risk-related data and documentation onto one platform, providing full visibility into your institution’s risk profile, creating a stable foundation, and allowing easy data access for board and executive management oversight.

Take charge of risks across your organization with our enterprise risk management software, which allows you to:

  • View dashboard reports that provide early notifications when vulnerabilities are exposed
  • Access data to determine your highest risk threats
  • Improve business strategies and take immediate action against threats
  • Simplify the prioritization of threats

Offering a simplified and holistic way to detect and manage risks, increase the efficiency of data review, streamline data flows, create custom controls and identify control gaps, and develop control remediation plans when they’re needed most.


Define your top climate threats and gauge the effectiveness of related controls.

Climate Vulnerability Assessment

  • Identify the high-risk climate threats for your organization
  • Document strength of controls
  • Uncover areas where controls need to be enhanced
  • Identify the best Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) for monitoring for emerging risks
One Risk Management Solution, One Price


Organize data and documentation in one centralized platform to improve the strength and efficiency of your risk assessments.

Risk Management Solution Feature - Streamlined Reporting


Evaluate what risks need immediate attention and which risks are less threatening with our risk scoring tool.

Risk Management Solution Feature - Easy Onboarding


Develop a strong risk culture and receive early warning reports to stay vigilant when business objectives or opportunities create vulnerabilities.

By providing updates on potential risks and threats, our enterprise risk management software allows you to better understand your risk tolerance, develop tailored solutions to current threats, and create impactful strategies to better plan for the future.


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