Third-Party Risk Management

Streamline vendor due diligence and contracting, create risk ratings, manage vendor lifecycles, and improve risk-based monitoring

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Third parties play a vital role in the success, stability, and continuity of a business—but keeping track of all of your vendor information (and the risks associated with each) can be a challenge. With WolfPAC’s Third-Party Management solution, you get a centralized view of your vendor relationships, allowing you to efficiently access, review, edit, and manage risks and strategies.

Relying solely on vendors to maintain compliance and monitor contracts can put your organization at risk. Our streamlined solution provides easy access to contracts and allows for vendor due diligence, lets you manage the entire lifecycle of all vendors, and gives clear visibility into vendor performance and stability; plus, it integrates with our Enterprise Risk Management solution for a holistic view into both business and vendor risks, pinpointing which key areas to focus on and improve.

Our innovative software solution:

  • Creates risk ratings for vendors
  • Provides easy access to contracts for review and updating
  • Allows for vendor due diligence and vendor monitoring
  • Tracks vendor budget, goals, and regulatory requirements

Vendor and internal processes are important, but without an integrated and automated solution, your organization could overlook or improperly review pertinent information. With WolfPAC, you’ll be able to streamline your vendor experience, manage relationships, and minimize negative business impacts.


Enhance Visibility

Oversee your vendors’ lifecycles with risk assessments, contract oversight and monitoring, and quick access to key deadlines and risk ratings


Increase Efficiency

Save time and resources by centralizing data and reporting on one cohesive platform

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Improve communication between your business and vendors, streamline contract supervision, and ensure information and cybersecurity best practices are followed

Managing multiple vendors doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With WolfPAC’s solution, you can address vulnerabilities, oversee relationships, and make resilient plans for third-party management success.


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