The Role of the Chief Risk Officer: Why You are the Most Important Person in Your Financial Institution

Given the current regulatory environment and the resulting changes going on in the industry today, the chief risk officer has become the most important person in the financial institution.  

WolfPAC Solutions Group Director Michael Cohn interviewed chief risk officers at financial institutions across the country to find out how they became a CRO, what skills and experience they bring to the role, and what is expected of them now.

The white paper focuses on:
  • The internal and external forces that lead financial institutions to elevate a person to the role of CRO
  • The skills and experience that makes an effective CRO
  • The three stages of developing an ERM program that is managed by the CRO

Since the position of the chief risk officer is relatively new and there are no official standards for CROs, this paper provides a great service to CROs, CEOs, and board members by capturing universal themes on the role of the chief risk officer.