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Enterprise risk management (ERM) practices are always evolving—meaning threats and risks are evolving as well. At WolfPAC, our innovative ways protect your business, elevate your ERM program, and provide solutions to even your most complex challenges. We’re proud to partner with proven industry leaders to enhance your ERM program, providing a stronger, safer, more holistic approach to risk management.

Maple Street

Maple Street’s revolutionary Vendor Advantage System® provides the only comprehensive vendor management system for credit unions and community banks, employing system thinking and a proven process to vendor expense reduction, improved vendor performance, and risk management.

The Vendor Advantage System® goes beyond the usual vendor management paper chase with a proven process to deliver a complete vendor management program, incorporate supply chain management principals, and manage vendor lifecycles. The output from Maple Street’s contract monitoring, vendor monitoring, and vendor due diligence is digitally transferred into the WolfPAC Third Party Risk Management module to provide a comprehensive vendor management perspective and consolidated vendor management reporting for you and the organization.


Vizo has one simple goal—to help your credit union succeed. Understanding the seriousness of protecting credit union members with limited time and resources, and the importance of integrating risk management into your operations, their experts perform a cost-benefit analysis to find you the best ERM solutions and address your most pressing ERM needs. Both WolfPAC and Vizo Financial know that credit unions are faced with a substantial amount of risk compared to the average business, which makes managing risk an essential component of a credit union’s operations. Vizo Financial and WolfPAC offer several products and services that can help your credit union with the risk management process.


We are honored to work with associates throughout the US.

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