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Track responses to critical incidents, address risks & vulnerabilities, automate key processes, and streamline reporting

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WolfPAC Incident Management Software

Crises and unplanned events can set your organization back months—and cause irreparable reputational damage in the process. Additionally, organizing and executing planned events such as tests and exercises can be a daunting endeavor. Without proper tracking and insight into business interruptions, you risk long-term disruptions and continued vulnerability to attacks.

WolfPAC’s Incident Management software provides real-time insight into your operations, milestones, action items, and communications processes. This enables you to centralize key documents, track how well your business responds to critical incidents, and better prepare for future events.

It’s impossible to properly identify trends and gaps with spreadsheets, and manual reporting can lead to errors, inefficiencies, and ill-informed decisions. Our automated reporting reduces risk and errors, allowing the right people to be notified when issues arise so you can take immediate action. Protect your business by reviewing incidents by department, tracking trends from vendors and third parties, creating custom dashboards, and centralizing all reports.

Our innovative Incident Management Software Solution lets you:

  • Automate key tasks, reports, and processes
  • Immediately access current data and trends
  • Track task and recovery progress

Key Benefits

One Risk Management Solution, One Price

Enhance Visibility

Streamline reporting and gain a holistic look into your incident management strategy to recover quickly from interruptions.

Incident Management Software - Learn & Adapt

Learn & Adapt

Address business vulnerabilities and make necessary process adjustments with real-time data and personalized dashboards.

Risk Mitigation with Incident Management Software

Address Risks

Respond immediately to risks—and stop disruptions before they happen—by reviewing incidents and trends by department and vendors.

Unaddressed risks and vulnerabilities can cause long-lasting damage. Using our advanced software, you’ll be able to efficiently coordinate all activities throughout the lifecycle of a planned or unplanned disruption, and maintain stability throughout testing or unexpected events. Our solution centralizes your threats, gaps, and recovery plans, giving you an integrated crisis management plan that meets risks head-on and protects your business for the future.

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management

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Data Security & Privacy Management

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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

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Financial Reporting Control Management

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IT Risk Management

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Regulatory Compliance Management

Regulatory Compliance Risk Management

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Third-Party Risk Management

Third-Party Risk Management

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Transaction Risk Management

Transaction Risk Management

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