WolfPAC > Industries

From financial institutions to healthcare systems, WolfPAC provides world-class software and advisory solutions tailored to the ever-changing needs of your specific industry. Whether you’re a fintech start-up preparing for an IPO, or a professional services firm assessing your risk appetite, our team is ready to address your most pressing pain points and set you up for lasting success.

Regional Banks

WolfPAC’s fully integrated risk management platform helps regional banks break down silos and easily access critical information. Our team works with large, multi-state regional banks to optimize risk management programs by providing crucial metrics and key risk indicators (KRIs), and simplifying risk assessments and reporting at scale.

Credit Unions

The increase in customized services credit unions offer their members has created increased risks and regulations. With WolfPAC, you receive timely and in-depth expertise to build and improve your risk framework. We help you streamline your data and reporting, keep you compliant with ongoing regulatory changes, and ensure you’re prepared for a multitude of emerging threats.

Community Banks

We help community banks develop and optimize modern risk management programs, enabling managers to better distribute responsibility and reporting across the organization. Our deep experience with community banking helps you strike the right balance between connecting to your communities, protecting your customers, and facilitating growth while simultaneously monitoring the potential impact of emerging risks.


The regulatory and security landscape for healthcare organizations is increasingly complex. Our certified IT Risk Management advisors understand your unique risk and compliance needs, helping you maintain HITRUST and HIPAA requirements for secure patient health information (PHI). WolfPAC’s solutions identify threats and control gaps in the business associates and technologies that touch PHI, allowing your organization to properly mitigate associated risks.


Fintechs’ regulation has increased as they’re now held accountable to the same regulations as financial institutions. Backed by over 100 years of experience in financial services, our deep-rooted technology client expertise helps businesses at the intersection of technology and financial services—from start-ups and post-IPO companies, to insurtech and compliance organizations—navigate this emerging and rapidly growing industry. Developing risk management programs that meet the expectations of your prospective customers will speed customer acquisition and revenue growth fast and efficiently.

Professional Services

With our roots in professional services, WolfPAC fully understands what it takes to manage and grow a professional services firm. Our software and service solutions help you overcome the challenges of scale and scope by simplifying the assessment, monitoring, and remediation of risks across all your functional areas.