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WolfPAC Launches WolfPAC Essentials, a New Risk Management Platform Built for Lean Organizations

The WolfPAC Essentials Risk Management Platform

Introducing the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to formalize, centralize, and simplify your risk management program. New users can try it free for 45 days.

Boston, MA (August 18, 2022) – WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management announces the launch of WolfPAC Essentials, a new, streamlined risk management platform with a straightforward approach to assessing and mitigating the most significant risks to your organization.

Wolf & Company, P.C. CEO Mark O’Connell commented, “Over the past two decades, hundreds of financial institutions have used WolfPAC to take their risk management programs to the next level. We’re proud to bring the same intellectual horsepower and product expertise that fuels the WolfPAC engine to a much larger audience that needs it now more than ever.”

The Problem: Mounting Risk and a Lack of Viable Tools to Protect Lean Organizations

Today is the riskiest time in human history to operate a business. As a result, organizations of every kind face an unprecedented onslaught of threats and uncertainty. Cybercrime, employee turnover and burnout, natural disasters, and economic turbulence are only a few of the threats weighing heavily on the minds of executives.

There’s also a lack of viable risk management solutions for lean organizations pushed to do more with less. What’s been available to date is either far too expensive and complex or not robust enough to meet their needs. This dynamic leaves time and resourced-strapped companies exposed to unnecessary risks, many of which can have a severe and sometimes irreversible impact on their businesses.

The Solution: Powerful, Simple & Affordable Risk Management Software for All

WolfPAC’s latest product roll-out ensures that companies of all sizes now have an easy, cost-effective, and automated way to build a modern, scalable enterprise risk management program that protects them from threats of today and tomorrow. Companies can stop worrying that the departure of a single individual will derail their entire program.

WolfPAC Essentials gives lean organizations everything they need to build a sophisticated risk management program in three critical areas: Information Technology, Third-Party Relationship Management, and Business Continuity Planning.

“We created this platform with one goal in mind: making modern risk management easier and more affordable for all companies, regardless of industry, size, location, or level of risk management maturity,” said Ron Taché, WolfPAC General Manager. “WolfPAC Essentials does just that. It is affordable and easy to set up, learn, and use. In fact, customers can register and conduct their first risk assessment within 30 minutes. Also, there are no implementation, installation, or training fees. We believe this offering is a game-changer for lean organizations and strongly encourage all interested parties to take it for a free 45-day test drive.”

To learn more and sign up for a 45-day free trial with no commitment, please visit:

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