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WolfPAC’s next-generation enterprise risk management (ERM) software solutions provide end-to-end protection for your organization. Developed by industry experts, our solutions streamline data and reporting, identify gaps and give real-time visibility into risks, and keep you compliant with regulators and examiners. Align risk management with your strategic goals, create organizational efficiencies, and gain key insights about emerging risks to keep your organization safe.

Customer Reviews

What They're Saying

"WolfPAC laid the groundwork for our ERM program by providing an implementation roadmap and helping to develop core competencies of our risk management needs. They established a foundation for building our department and a more defined role for risk management by organizing our objectives, providing a risk management framework gap analysis and risk monitoring activity gap analysis, and identifying measurable KRIs."

Chris Strale
Senior Vice President & Enterprise Risk Manager

"WolfPAC helped us with an integral part of our business strategy—operational resilience and risk management. Their Risk Management solution provided predictive analytics and business intelligence, helping us to identify our critical operating risks and ensuring those areas received priority capital investments."

Maureen Hemhauser
Executive Vice President & Chief Risk Officer

"WolfPAC’s Third-Party Management solution thoroughly analyzed our third-party documents and simplified our process of consolidating critical vendor documents, improving our productivity by 50%."

Traci Michel
Senior Vice President & Operations

"In an effort to expedite the implementation of the WolfPAC modules, we decided to hire client services to assist us with this project. Not only were they friendly, professional, and knowledgeable, they also provided the necessary training so we had the expertise to maintain these modules independently going forward. As a result, we are happy to say our WolfPAC implementation took us half the time we expected!"

Cheri Caruso
Vice President & Senior Project Manager

"The three words that come to mind when it comes to WolfPAC are knowledgeable, customer-oriented, and flexible. I find that they are an incredible group of risk professionals and they take client feedback to heart."

Richard Crowley
Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer