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Introducing WolfPAC’s New Manage Controls Functionality

We’re excited to unveil a complete overhaul of the WolfPAC platform’s Manage Controls functionality that will revolutionize how our customers navigate and oversee their operations.

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We have recently introduced centralized control management, allowing you to seamlessly synchronize control classifications across every applicable WolfPAC module. Say goodbye to scattered controls, and hello to the streamlined efficiency of our enhanced “Manage Controls” screen, accessible from any module with a single click!

Now, you have the power to tailor your control listings like never before with customizable columns and views. Take control of your data with intuitive filters, effortlessly refining your control lists to suit your needs. And that’s not all! Say hello to Key and Non-Key classifications, which allow you to easily prioritize and categorize controls.

Plus, with the introduction of Custom Tags for controls, you can add a whole new layer of detail, tracking everything from testing results to last tested dates. Prepare to be amazed as you attach documentation directly to each control and effortlessly review corrective action items, all from one centralized location.

We can’t wait for you to experience the next generation of control management. Dive into these exciting new features today!