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Exploring the Latest WolfPAC Essentials Upgrades and Enhancements

Over the past year, we’ve been laser-focused on enhancing WolfPAC Essentials with monthly updates, introducing many powerful new features. Here’s a look at some of our most significant recent improvements.

1.) Business Impact Analysis

Risk Management Software Updates

We’ve expanded the Business Continuity area of the Essentials platform to include three new Business Impact Analysis (BIA) assessments:

  1. Business Function BIA
  2. Department BIA
  3. Technology BIA

These BIAs enable you to quickly identify risks, pinpoint dependencies, and build recovery strategies that maximize operational resilience.

BIAs play a pivotal role in: 

  • Determining critical business functions,
  • Evaluating the potential impact of interruptions,
  • Identifying the resources required to support essential functions in the wake of an interruption, and
  • Establishing recovery timeframes.

When your team is equipped with this information, the following becomes crystal clear:

  • Which business objectives your Business Continuity Plan must protect, and
  • The risk parameters your organization can work within before suffering significant losses.

Leverage these new BIAs to streamline your business continuity and disaster recovery plans and create cohesion between these two critical strategies. This synergy empowers you to respond efficiently and effectively to any business interruptions.

2.) Data Access & Classification

Do you want to gain a comprehensive view of threats facing your organization? It all starts with a risk assessment.

Risk assessments identify the inherent risk and residual risk of your assets and relationships. They also provide insight into the kind of Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI) potentially being accessed or stored.

All technology, hardware, and third-party risk assessments in WolfPAC Essentials will automatically identify the “Classification” on your behalf, which we split into two categories:

  1. Contains NPPI
  2. No NPPI

This information lets you quickly identify which assets store, transmit, or access sensitive data. It also helps to ensure you have strong controls protecting your riskiest areas.

3.) Enhanced Control Management

Risk Management Software Updates - WolfPAC Essentials

WolfPAC Essentials provides over 240 controls to help mitigate threats across your technologies, hardware, and third-party relationships. Our streamlined risk assessment process will help you pinpoint recommended controls that you should have in place to stay protected.

Key & Non-Key Controls 

One recent enhancement allows you to categorize controls as Key or Non-Key. This distinction is vital as Key controls serve as your first line of defense, often covering multiple risks or entire processes.

Local Controls

Another brand-new feature allows you to add your own local controls. This enhancement lets you maintain a complete inventory of all controls implemented at your organization. It also helps you link threats to your local controls so that when you identify a particular threat in a risk assessment, WolfPAC Essentials recommends implementing the control.

4.) Helpful Resources at Your Fingertips

Updates to Our Help & Support Feature:

We’ve significantly improved our “Help & Support” feature in recent months. The new customer support portal is a centralized hub for contacting the WolfPAC support team and accessing valuable resources such as:

  • User guides,
  • Methodology documents,
  • Training videos, and
  • Release notes.

New User Guides:

Not only is there a new centralized support portal, but we’ve also added new user guides that you’ll find embedded throughout the application. No matter what area of WolfPAC Essentials you are working in, you’ll find a user guide at the top of the page containing step-by-step instructions for using the software. Screenshots, best practices, and helpful tips & tricks are included throughout our user guides.

In Closing:

WolfPAC Essentials prides itself on being streamlined and easy to use, and that’s why we continue to improve and add new, helpful features on a regular basis.

Are you interested in learning more? Visit our website and contact us today! 

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