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Incident Management: Handling the Unexpected

Author: Puja Ghiya, MBA, CSM

In the midst of a disruptive event, organization and agility are essential. However, managing action items, communication needs, and the documentation of the need for critical remediation procedures during an incident can be extremely difficult—especially when unforeseen mitigation requirements emerge. Inefficiency during incident response can lead to increased downtime, which can severely impact your business. Whether facing the effects of a global pandemic, natural disaster, security breach, or economic disturbance, optimized response strategies can mean the difference between business closures and expedited recoveries.

WolfPAC’s Incident Management Solution centralizes all critical response information and tracks all mitigation activities in real-time, allowing you to coordinate your response strategies to minimize chaos, confusion, and miscommunication during a disruption. In times of crisis, a streamlined approach to restoration is needed to get back on your feet. Our cutting-edge software will maintain transparency of operations and expectations during a crisis while also helping your business return to normal as quickly as possible following an unplanned event.

Incident Management Tip: Automate to Remediate

The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant disruptions for businesses around the world, leaving many to navigate never-before-seen obstacles such as remote work challenges, heightened cybersecurity risks, and financial shortfalls. For many, this was a wake-up call reminding businesses that disaster can strike at any time, and efficient responses are needed to ensure business continuity.

The Incident Management Solution automates and centralizes the management of important incident factors, allowing you to log, update, and follow up on key incident components and crucial response activities in real-time. This software:

  • Tracks and shares up-to-date information
  • Tracks the progress of assigned tasks
  • Allows you to make timely and efficient decisions
  • Consolidates documentation and ensures retention of important information
  • Centralizes threaded discussions in a real-time Incident Log
  • Documents future necessary action items

Providing an enterprise-wide view of your response activities, this solution will ensure critical tasks aren’t overlooked and will enhance collaboration across the business during active incidents.

Leverage Your BCP

You’ve diligently planned for the unknown—conducting thorough business impact analyses (BIAs) and risk assessments to develop a steadfast business continuity plan (BCP) equipped to handle the challenges of an interruption. The Incident Management Solution harnesses the data from your BCP to tactically apply its continuity strategies during an interruption in order to recover operations. For instance, your business may have identified the risks of remote operations and developed remediation strategies surrounding the need for long-term remote work in your BCP. The solution would use that crucial data to tailor your immediate remediation strategies to the specific event you’re experiencing (such as the COVID-19 pandemic). Your BCP details how your business will recover from an incident. The Incident Management Solution activates and manages that plan when an event occurs.

Also acting as a repository for important documentation, this solution can serve as a report detailing how your business handled the incident. This can provide you with important lessons learned to improve your business continuity and disaster recovery plans for future events.


Coordinating all incident response activities throughout the lifecycle of a disruption can be frustrating, overwhelming, and convoluted—and trying to track all components of the event while it’s happening with complex, siloed documentation can lead to errors and gaps. WolfPAC’s Incident Management Solution will help your business resume operations in a timely and efficient manner and maintain stability in the wake of unexpected disruptions.