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WolfPAC Solutions- A Roadmap for Risk Management Software

Signing the contract to license WolfPAC puts you in a the driver’s seat, and empowers you to drive forward with a roadmap to finally complete all of your daunting risk assessments using a software package instead of clunky spreadsheets. What was once a strenuous, stressful risk management process could now turn into an exciting opportunity that encourages you to accelerate your processes and complete the outstanding risk assessments of your company.

A Roadmap for Enterprise Risk Management Software

As WolfPAC’s Implementation Manager, I encounter these situations all too frequently, and my mission is to help our clients set up and implement the various WolfPAC modules. Depending on the size of the organization, it can seem like an intimidating task to risk assess all of the technologies, vendors, regulations, and business processes. Through WolfPAC’s onsite implementation program, comprised of optional engagement levels, this trepidation is significantly minimized.

Traditionally, the WolfPAC implementation process consists of training, reviews, and guidance from myself and other risk management experts in the firm. This detailed approach provides clients with successful implementations. A dedicated risk assessment “champion” already managing the process can move the team through a reasonable time frame completion.

“Fits And Starts” Derails Risk Management

However, in cases where a risk management champion does not exist and risk assessments are worked on intermittently or sporadically, risk assessment owners could potentially forget how to complete a risk assessment and mistakenly start from scratch again. Some degree of consistency may be lost through this “fits and starts” culture, and if a looming exam is around the corner, an untenable situation may arise from its faults.

Premium Advisory Choice: A Selective Onsite Program at Your Service

The good news is that through the Premium Advisory Choice program, WolfPAC now offers onsite risk management implementation strategy services to help you begin the program. The WolfPAC implementation team visits clients onsite to facilitate risk assessments successfully for most of the WolfPAC modules. We’ve made these formalized onsite packages more attractive by including free board training, free exam preparation, and a discount to the annual WolfPAC User Conference.

The Premium Advisory Choice onsite implementation program offers selective levels of engagement designed to help you and your team walk through the risk assessments with a knowledgeable WolfPAC resource. Our goal is not to complete the risk assessments for you, but facilitate, coach, and train you and your staff on best practices surrounding implementing risk management software. By the time we leave, your team has the knowledge and confidence to complete the remaining risk assessments, manage the risk, and be prepared to defend strategic risk decisions, if needed.

This process works well when there is a number of people that are required to complete risk assessments from the various business lines within the organization. We coordinate with a key person at the client site to line up and schedule the risk assessment owners into slots over two or four days, depending on the implementation package chosen. By the end of the engagement, risk owners feel much more comfortable completing any remaining risk assessments and the organization can move forward.

Our intent through the Premium Advisory Choice program is to provide a clearer vision after the signed contract with a definitive roadmap to onboard your risk management team, so you are not left wondering if the purchase just left you driving around aimlessly.