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WolfPAC Partners with Regology to Provide Smart Regulatory Change Tracking & Automation

New function-agnostic integration drastically reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with manually tracking regulatory changes

Boston, MA (October 6, 2021) – WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management is partnering with Regology, a legal and compliance intelligence market leader, to launch a full integration between the companies’ platforms. This integration delivers Artificial Intelligence-based regulatory content and feed capabilities developed by Regology directly to WolfPAC customers.

“Our integration with Regology makes life easier for WolfPAC customers by automating a tedious and resource-intensive process. By helping customers gain control of the ever-changing regulatory landscape, we’re able to facilitate a significant reduction in the time and money they spend on regulatory research and compliance and enable them to reduce risk without adding new resources.” Ron Taché, WolfPAC General Manager

The Problem: Too Much Regulatory Information. Not Enough Time & Resources

WolfPAC customers receive hundreds of compliance-related emails from dozens of primary and secondary sources each month. Sifting through this mountain of information to determine what is applicable, relevant, and accurate is costly, time-consuming, and subject to human error.

The Solution: A One-Stop Shop for the Regulatory Data that Matters to You

WolfPAC customers now have instant access to curated, up-to-date regulatory notifications from multiple jurisdictions and can receive daily government updates based on the laws applicable to them. Users can configure the system to deliver the regulatory information they desire based on their industry and functional areas. In addition, the data provided by this integration is available for any industry where regulatory compliance is a focus. This includes banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

The Benefits:

Save Money & Time:

This new offering streamlines and automates the regulatory alert process and delivers updates directly from the primary source. As a result, customers can reduce labor costs associated with manual regulatory compliance tasks and help free up time to focus on higher-value activities.

Actionable Insights & Business Results: 

Users can review regulatory changes and revise their compliance processes based on changes to laws. They can also leverage the information provided by Regology to efficiently manage their regulatory change workflows in the WolfPAC platform and conduct regulatory change reviews. This functionality delivers significant productivity gains and allows customers to filter out the noise and focus on what matters most to their organization.

Easy to Set-Up: 

WofPAC customers can connect to the Regology platform with a simple click of a From there, Regology’s legal content and customized daily updates will flow into the WolfPAC platform automatically. This simple process eliminates the time and resource-related barriers to adoption that makes other similar solutions difficult to implement.

“We are excited about this strategic relationship with WolfPAC. This partnership has been built from the ground up to benefit customers. Existing WolfPAC users can now directly benefit from Regology’s legal and compliance intelligence capabilities,” Mukund Goenka, CEO of Regology.

About Regology:

Regology is an AI-based regulatory compliance solution that standardizes the regulatory change and compliance process. Regology serves multiple industries, including energy, financial services, High -Tech, infrastructure, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunications, transportation, and utilities; and functional areas, including anti-corruption, consumer protection, data privacy, ESG, food safety, health and human safety, labor and employment, physical security, product safety, responsible sourcing, trade control, and supply chain.

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About WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management:

WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management is a secure, web-based enterprise risk management solution used to automate the identification of risks, threats, and control gaps. WolfPAC provides tools to review and monitor information technology, data security and privacy, third-party, regulatory compliance, and other enterprise risk management domains. Since 2004, WolfPAC has worked collaboratively with clients to identify specific needs and provide next-generation solutions for organizations as the risk management landscape evolves. WolfPAC is part of Wolf & Company, P.C. in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information about WolfPAC, call (617) 439.9700 or visit

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