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3 Biggest Insights From the 8th Annual WolfPAC User Conference

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Whew! We’ve been running around the country for the last two weeks hosting our 8th Annual WolfPAC User Conference, and the turnout was incredible. Over 100 people from more than 65 different organizations came to one of our two locations to share their experiences and gain valuable insight from our team and other experts. We are so proud to be able to bring this community together to help strengthen risk management within the financial industry as a whole, as well as our individual clients. Thank you to all that attended, for a truly wonderful event.

Now that we’ve unpacked our bags and are settled back in at home, let’s take a look at some of the key takeaways from this year’s event:

3. You need to determine what can kill you vs. what just hurts

Without risk, there is no innovation. It’s important to be able to manage that risk as your organization grows and changes. This means appropriately identifying and prioritizing risk to ensure that you are focused on your most critical people, processes, and technologies. Organizing your risk rating and applying controls and budget to match will ensure you are using your resources as efficiently as possible – all while keeping your institution safe and sound.

2. Cybersecurity is a top trend in 2017

We’ve all been hearing about the emergence of cybersecurity as an industry threat for a few years now. Unfortunately, this is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Information security is an area that should continue to be top of mind for risk managers as the adoption of mobile banking, the increase of breaches, and the introduction of new zero-day vulnerabilities change the face of cyber risk.

1.  Risk management is evolving, and so are our solutions

As a risk manager, you know you have to be flexible as risks change within your organization. Similarly, you need to know that your risk management solution is going to be able to grow with your program. At this year’s conference, we showcased several big changes that we are implementing to our suite of risk management tools designed to embrace this evolution. From contextual questionnaires that greatly reduce the time you need to risk assess each technology, to linking compliance controls to their mitigating control categories in order to quickly determine gaps and develop remediation items; our solutions are always built to help you protect your organization quickly and efficiently.

Are there other insights you took from the conference that you want us to share? Let us know by submitting a contact form!

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