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Align Your Strategic Plan and Enterprise Risk Management Program

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On March 7th at 11am PST (2pm EST), Mike Cohn, Director of the WolfPAC Solutions Group will be presenting a webinar hosted by Western Independent Bankers:

Aligning the Strategic Plan with ERM Programs

Is it possible for a contemporary community bank to link the strategic plan, risk indicators, and risk assessment results into a single, coherent risk management program? In the current operating environment, the only sustainable answer is "yes". The risk assessment process objectives are to identify threats and the controls that keep the institution safe. Key Risk Indictators (KRIs) should serve as an early warning for future events, and developing KRIs for less critical activities is not cost effective or efficient.


  • Learn how to integrate your bank's strategic objectives, KRI reporting, and risk assessment results
  • Hear best practices on providing risk officers with a risk compass for the institution
  • Learn why your integration needs to include operating risks (cyber, vendor, and continuity planning)

This is the final installment of the three part Enterprise Risk Management webinar series put on by WIB, and builds upon the previous two. If you would like to register for this webinar, head over to the WIB event page to sign up. The cost of the webinar will be $195 for memebers, and $249 for non-members.

Want more information about how Enterprise Risk Management can help protect and grow your organization? Here are a few resources you may find helpful:

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