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Introducing: WolfPAC Third Party Risk Management

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Managing vendors at your organization can feel like herding cats. Every department has vendors that they use for services, and keeping all the contracts, due diligence information, and monitoring activities organized and centralized can feel downright impossible. This doesn't even touch on the often changing regulations you need to understand and adhere to - and determining the standards that will keep your organization both protected and compliant.

That's why we've made changes to our Vendor Management module! We've always kept up with regulatory changes to ensure that our clients are able to stay current on all relevant standards. It's also been our goal from the beginning to make our client's risk management jobs as easy as possible, so you can worry more about the strategy, and less about the logistics. Now, though, we've taken our offering to the next level.

Welcome to the WolfPAC Third Party Risk Management Module!

Here are a few key things that we added and tweaked in the new software that you are sure to love:

  • New User Interface - We've used your feedback to design a product that's even more intuitive and easily navigated. We're putting access at your fingertips.
  • Global Libraries - Use our universal libraries to simplify selection; everything from due diligence activities, to third party selection, to threats and controls, to vendor monitoring tasks.
  • Contextual Questionnaires - You shouldn't be spending your time answering assessment questions that aren't relevant, so our new structure is intelligent enough to understand how you respond to a few initial questions to ask you only what's important for you.
  • Comprehensive Contract Management - With the ability to upload contracts, track autorenewals, and suggested risk-based contract provisions, you'll have your thumb on what's going on throughout your organization.
  • Customized Report Writer - Use our flexible reporting capabilities to help aggregate and structure data so you can get to the analysis faster.

All of our current Vendor Management clients will be moving over to the much-improved Third Party Risk Management module, so if you haven't already scheduled your migration, contact us and we can get you prepared for the next generation of third party risk management.

Not using this module yet? You're missing out on all the benefits of automating your vendor management program. Take a tour with us through the new module, and get a glimpse of vendor management, realigned.

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