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Key Risk Indicators: How Banks View It?

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Key Risk Indicators (or KRI in short) is a much talked about three letter acronym (TLA) in the industry.  You read about them in emails. There are countless seminars, webinars, and conference sessions dedicated to this topic. In today’s highly regulated banking sector, the question that gets asked the most is does every institution need one?  Is it a one size fits all model?  Who should create it within the institution? How is it vetted, approved, and embraced within and across the institution? 
These are some really thought provoking questions. The answers to which might surprise some.  Whether you have a fully vetted KRI program in your institution or not, whether you are an expert or not, there is plenty of learning for everyone from this session on KRI by Mr. Eugene Shugrue, Chief Risk Officer, Liberty Bank. Gene will draw upon his experiences at Liberty Bank and how his institution went about creating its risk appetite statement and related risk tolerance levels as well as how his bank intends to integrate these into business practices.
Mr. Eugene F. Shugrue, Senior Executive Vice President, and Chief Risk and Credit Officer of Liberty Bank, will lead an interactive session at the 5th Annual WolfPAC User Conference at Mohegan Sun, CT and New York, New York, Las Vegas. Gene oversees most aspects of Liberty Bank’s risk management activity. His oversight responsibility includes Compliance, Corporate Security, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Information Security, Privacy & Vendor Management, Credit Administration, Loan Review, Chief Appraiser’s Office and Special Assets Division.   Gene serves on Liberty’s executive management team and chairs the Bank’s Credit, Charge-Off and Senior Risk Council committees.  His bank career spans over thirty five years of banking experience in the New England area. 
If you haven’t already registered please do so as soon as possible to save your seat at this year’s WolfPAC user conference. 

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