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How Version Control Issues and Manual Input Puts Risk in Your Risk Management Program



If you don’t have a holistic view of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), you’re likely missing risks in different areas throughout your organization. We’ve worked with many different clients to integrate all departments into their risk management program, and have seen problems arise from a manual, siloed approach.

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Exploring the Risk Universe With Western Independent Bankers!

The Western Independent Bankers association will be hosting a webinar on September 26th. This webinar, "Exploring Changes in the Risk Universe", is going to focus on both the importance of and the how to involved in creating an Enterprise Risk Management program that will help you and your organization meet their business objectives.

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| Author Stephanie Vogel, tagged in Enterprise Risk Management, ERM

What to Expect at our 9th Annual User Conference

Every year, we gather our user community together from all around the country to meet at one of our two conference locations, to lead WolfPAC product trainings and clarify industry standards and best practices. We also use this opportunity to listen to your needs and show off the ways we're improving our software solution to meet those needs. It's an important event for us and our community, and this year we're hoping to have the most successful conference yet!

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