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What to Expect at our 9th Annual User Conference

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Every year, we gather our user community together from all around the country to meet at one of our two conference locations, to lead WolfPAC product trainings and clarify industry standards and best practices. We also use this opportunity to listen to your needs and show off the ways we're improving our software solution to meet those needs. It's an important event for us and our community, and this year we're hoping to have the most successful conference yet!

Here are a few of the things you'll see at the show:

Our Theme

This year's theme is "Your Championship-Winning Risk Management Playbook", and we're getting our jerseys ready. There are a few key similarities between pretty much all sports: the focus on your team and cooperation, the need for regular practice, and the essential role of strategy involved in ultimately achieving success. These drivers on the playing field translate well into the risk management field. That's why we're talking about the rules of the game, the importance of running the drills, and what you can do to be the best captain you can be for your team.

Product Enhancements

We made our solution so you can be more successful. We can't do that unless we are willing to continue creating innovative solutions for the difficulties you experience in your role. We come to each conference ready to show you how we've turned your feedback and suggestions into real, tangible tools you can actually use. This year, we have an entire session dedicated to an update of our product, and will premiere some of our newest changes to the WolfPAC platform.

Peer Collaboration

It's important to us that we spend our time educating our community on regulatory changes, industry insights, and best practices that we have encountered. That doesn't mean we want to be the only ones talking. Our attendees for previous user conferences have shown us the value of peer collaboration. As you walk through the conference, sit down for dinner, or stand in line for your morning coffee, you'll have the opportunity to talk with risk managers in other organizations that are all working toward the same goal: to control the risk surrounding their businesses, and help achieve their strategic business goals.

We encourage our attendees to talk with one another, and ask questions. The person in the chair next to you might have insight into a problem you're currently facing, and we want you all to take advantage of that opportunity. In order to amplify the impact of this collaboration, we've also created two sessions in our agenda for our clients to talk about their experiences.

Our user conference will be held on the following dates and locations:

Click on the links above to look through our agenda for each location, or to register for the event.

We look forward to seeing everyone in October!


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